Composer & Performer


Lillian is currently producing a CD of the music from 1927’s production Golem. For more details sign up to the mailing list by emailing lillian(at) or follow Lillian on twitter @Lillian_Henley



Stage Commissions for 1927 Theatre Company

Listen to BBC Radio 4 – Saturday Review Broadcasted on 3rd January 2015 in UK and hear Lillian Henley’s music for 1927’s Golem.
BBC 4 Saturday Review


And listen to Lillian on NPR, broadcasted first in the USA 5th January 2015. The Theater Company Is 1927; The Technology Is Cutting Edge : Parallels : NPR.
NPR The theatre Company is 1927, the technology is cutting edge


Film Composition
Dreaming of Dames by Derek Andrade, 2012.


How Trees Grow by Tom Stokes, 2011.

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